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Key West
This was our seventeenth year (parents, siblings, kids, et al) with the same dates, same guides, and undoubtedly some of the same tarpon. In some years we’ve hit it perfectly (late May/early June) and in other years the planets were mis-aligned. We had some goofy west winds and poor visibility that hindered a few days, this year, but the tarpon performed on cue when the conditions were right. Click here to see a few shots from this year’s Key West Trip.


These are Redfish
At the end of June, the wife/kids and I arrived in Port Aransas for our annual redfish sabbatical. For six straight days we had glass calm flats that were covered with tailing fish. And then, by divine coincidence, the blasting winds arrived right alongside the annual migration of July 4th revelers. As I sit typing this report, the ferries are carrying those crowds away and the winds are forecast to lay again by Tuesday. Click here for a sampling of what I’ve shot, so far.


Need Upland Bird Images?
This month I’m featuring images from my
upland bird hunting archive. If you need shots of pointing dogs, prairie hunters or flushing birds, I’ve got a large selection of images From Montana to the Texas Brush Country.

Coming Up
Later this month I’ll be putting the rods away for a quick assignment shoot for one of the outdoor television networks. By some miracle they’ve managed to gather their entire fall talent lineup into a single location for a two-day media event. I’m glad I wasn’t the one in charge of scheduling that one. The shots will be a mix of candids and stages that will be used for their 2009-10 ad campaigns. Check back next month to see the images from that shoot.

All of these shots are available (really big) by FTP delivery and I can usually get them to you within minutes as long as I’m not too far from my desk. Stock usage rates are priced on request.

Drop in and have a look…

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