Marsh Donkeys and Pick-Sixes


In a typical year there are exactly two reasons why we angling sorts might travel to New Orleans in February: Mardi Gras and really big redfish. For me, because I’m not real big on parades and costume parties, that leaves exactly one reason to go to New Orleans in February.

I booked my dates with Captain Bryan Carter back in October and I was careful to make sure that I got them in before Mardi Gras. What I didn’t count on, however, was a party of a different sorts. Who knew that the world would descend upon New Orleans during my redfish trip, even though the Saint’s first Superbowl was being played 668 miles away?

Honestly, though, it turned out to be a non-issue because I wasn’t staying in the city, and getting up at 5:30 on Monday morning to go fishing pretty much nixed any chance that I would be partaking in the postgame revelry on Bourbon Street.

If you’ve ever chased these big wintertime redfish, you know that the entire gig revolves around sunlight and water temperatures. During sunny stretches when the flats warm up, the biguns come in skinny to feed. If the light is good, it’s game on. During nasty stretches when the clouds move in and the water cools, you’re almost better off sleeping in. Unfortunately, we had more bad weather than good on this trip, but as you can see by these photos we did get a bit of action during our one sunny day out of three.

Thanks to Bryan for busting his hump and keeping the conversation from getting too uptight. High-fives to Jim Shulin for making a good cast when the big one presented itself. And a big thanks to Foster Creppel and his fine staff at the Woodland Plantation. The food and lodging were fantastic, and the Superbowl party was an absolute blast. Looking forward to next year.

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Mmmmmm, February!


Bryan Carter and Jim Shulin


(L) My bags flying for free (R) Dispelling all rumors


Superbowl party at Woodland Plantation


Who dat?


Beats the hell out of shoveling snow…


The lowly prison permit

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