Two Oceans in Two Weeks

I try to avoid back-to-backers, whenever possible. Pack, depart, return, unpack, wash clothes, repack, depart, return. This time, however, it was unavoidable. The first trip involved the extremely busy schedules of nine people, and the second trip involved tarpon fishing dates that have been carved in stone since 1991. I shall now apologize to my wife, my kids, and my dog. By my calculation: some of you missed me terribly, some of you were pissed, and some of you barely noticed I was gone.

Private Vallarta

On the first leg, I had the pleasure of following and photographing a great group of anglers on a corporate getaway trip to Puerto Vallarta. The plan was to drag lures and baits for billfish, but the conditions for that gig were less than ideal. We had light winds and flat seas, but the water was a little cool and off-color. Despite the lack of large pelagics, there were plenty of dorado around, and the food, drink, staff, and accommodations were all top drawer. Thanks to Sprague Mullikin for pulling the trip together, and to Janice and Bob Carter for sharing their wonderful airplane, villa, boat, and crew.


Dang, I Love Tarpon

After three loads of laundry, I packed up again and flew to Key West for my annual tarpon sabbatical. My family is normally in tow on this one, but the school calendar tossed this year’s trip into disarray. The weather was phenomenal for four days running, and the tarpon swam by in droves. The big palolo worm hatches went off while I was there, and the tarpon were doing surface gainers to eat any fly that was orange and squiggly. Thanks to Albert Ponzoa for once again lining me up on a bunch of fish, and for taking the rod and getting sweaty so I could fire a few jumping frames.



9 Responses to “Two Oceans in Two Weeks”

  1. Kenny Smith says:

    Great shots, as usual.

  2. Ed says:

    WOW! That dolphin/mahi mahi/whatever they’re called, what amazing colors. Stunning.

    I would love to catch a tarpon one day, that looks like just a ton of fun!

  3. With envy.. says:

    Hope it was the dog that was pissed. Otherwise you could be paying for both trips for a while…..
    Even the olives represent a lot of action. Great photos. Thanks for the look.

  4. Tosh says:

    She was the only one wagging her tail when I got home…

  5. Alex Brauer says:

    Stunning. Now would you quit spending all your time in nice warm sunny places and get up here to Oregon and shoot some of our beautiful salmon and steelhead in the rain.

  6. Tosh says:

    Have slicker will travel, Alex.

  7. John says:

    Tosh, we met at Mike and Monica Wyatt’s place in Coleman during spring turkey season a few years back. Just ordered your Megalops book as a wedding gift for my buddy. Incidentally, I fished with Ponze on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week so your ears should have been burning… I knew the fishing was going to be good if you had just been there. Hope you are well.

  8. Tosh says:

    Hey John – small world, again. I do remember that shoot at Mike’s place and glad to hear you’re hooked up with Albert. I’ve had those same dates with him for 16 years and I’m hoping for 16 more. This year’s trip was just plain nuts, a combination of a ton of fish and Albert’s suggestion of the two-handed strip. Scary technique at times, but damn effective! I’ll get your book out right away. Thanks again and take care,


  9. phil says:

    Tosh: Great pic again, I envy what you have to do in getting these great shots….Phil in Beautiful Rockport,TX.

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