The Blitz: Part Four



We’re done!

Well…I mean…we’re done with this east coast gypsy-nomadic journey of shooting photos, interviewing anglers, eating stale Pop-tarts at odd hours, and catching lots of fish (dangit).

In late October, me and Pete McDonald traveled to Virginia and North Carolina to wrap up this bizzare year-long odyssey of content gathering for the next must-have addition to your angling library.

Our first stop was in Glouchester, Virginia where Captain Chris Newsome made a valiant effort to put us on fish despite screaming north winds and a blown-out Chesapeake bay. From there we drove down to Harker’s Island where the winds died down and the fish gods smiled broadly upon us. Well, actually, the mullet gods didn’t exactly smile on Pete, but that’s another story.

We spent the first two days with Captain Brian Horsely who showed us exactly why Harker’s is a very bad place for bay anchovies to congregate in the fall. The shoals off of Cape Lookout were loaded with spinning and writhing baitballs that were being systematically dismantled by hordes of blacktip sharks, false albacore, and diving gulls. The drill was simple: look for birds, drive that way, find the bait, cast the fly, and hang on. We caught scads of albies up to 15-pounds, tangled briefly with a few sharks, lost a ton of terminal gear, and shot some really cool photos of the whole crazy scene.

At mid-week, we hopped over to Atlantic Beach to join old friends and new ones for an annual gathering that involved great food, plenty to drink, yelling about baseball, and more insane fishing action. We ended the trip with a drive down to Wilmington to meet my friend Seth Vernon for a day of poling, touring, and photographing the spartina grass flats near Cape Fear.

In the next few weeks, we’ll start the process of pulling together a big-ass-coffee-table-book for which we are now FULLY stoked. At this point we’re calling it The Blitz, Fly Fishing the Atlantic Migration. If you’ve ever tossed a fly in the brine between Maine and North Carolina, you’ll want to own a copy of this one.

No, seriously, you will.

Our best guess for release is late summer of 2011. All future announcements regarding this project will be posted on my Departure Publishing blog, so get there and sign up for those updates.

To peruse all of the photos from this shoot, please click here.


Sloshing through the inlet at Lookout Bight

Chris Newsome at the entrance to Mobjack Bay, VA

Naturals and imitations

Spanish pony descendants on Shackleford Island, NC

Captain Brian Horsely with a Harker’s albie

(L) Working the birds    (R) Captain Sarah Gardner with a substantial redfish

One million scared minners

One million scared minners smacking my camera lens

(L) Jim Shulin matching the hatch   (R) What dangers lurk?

Mercurial madness

Wading the grass flats near Cape Fear

Floodtide redfish hunt



5 Responses to “The Blitz: Part Four”

  1. Gene Lugat says:


    Thanks for sharing great pictures and story …………keep em comming and again thanks ~!
    Spent the weekend fishing the Long Beach Island Striper Tourney ~!!

    Gene M. Lugat

  2. Nate Taylor says:

    That reminds me of the few times I’ve been able to fish the Atlantic. Your pictures bring me back to the good days and make me want to get back for more. Seeing the “minners” just makes me want to scream BLITZ!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Alex Landeen says:

    I think that grass flats reflection shot is my favorite so far. Excellent work! Can’t wait for the book… do I have to buy a coffee table, though?

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