Flat and Windy

Oh my golly…it’s 2011. How did that happen? As it has been for the past umpteen years, the Texas Panhandle was the scene of my last hunt and photo shoot of the year. We found manageable weather and scads of birds up in the flat country and I was able to fire quite a few frames between shotgun volleys.

The trip started in Tulia, Texas with my friend Dane Swinburn. Ample spring rains provided him with a good hatch and we had no problem filling our pheasant sacks. Dane has access to thousands of acres of prime CRP, cropland, and playa lake bottoms, and we busted roosters out of nearly every patch of cover that we walked.

From there I drove down to Lubbock for two days of goose and sandhill crane hunting with Blackfoot Guide Service. As is typically the case, the geese were there in huge numbers and any peanut field within range of roosting water had been trampled down to the nubs. In the afternoons we hunted sandhill cranes in cut milo fields over windsock decoys. The cranes were as persnickety as ever, but we had good shooting on both days by hunkering under burlap mats just downwind of the decoy spread. At the point that the cranes got close enough to study the wobbling nylon, they were well within shotgun range.

New Stock Photo Archive (Yowza!)
During the Christmas break, I started the long overdue process of moving my entire library of stock images to a new system. Later this month I’ll be unveiling my archive on the uber cool Photoshelter platform and at that point I’m pretty sure there’ll be dancing in the streets among hook and bullet stock photo buyers. You’ll be able to search by keywords, preview really big samples, build lightboxes, download full-res files straight from the site, and order prints and notecards in a variety of styles and sizes. Stay tuned for the big announcement!

CRP and wild sunflowers near Tulia, Texas

(L) Stylish imports (R) Cottonwoods and deep cover

Ditch parrot plumage

Hey lookit…NACHOS!!

Flagging geese near Lubbock, Texas

Drawing down on a mob of Canadas

(L) Taking one for the team   (R) If Dr. Suess were a wingshooter, this would be his bird

The sandhill crane money shot

Geese love goobers. Oh yes they do.

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