Roll Camera

Chad Belding hucking shells

In April I traveled to the deepwood hinterlands of Bastrop County, Texas for two days of shooting with the Sportsman Channel.

Their plan was to gather a selection of their television talent and devise natural sets for both videography and still images. My role in the project involved three different scenarios: set up strobes and shoot stills as each person rolled off their video session. Shoot candids and behind the scene shots of the cast, crew, and production. And creep around the fringe to grab more still images from each of the video sets.

For me, these shoots are a blast because I’m constantly challenged to think, move, devise, and improvise. With ten subjects and dozens of sets in only two days, we didn’t have the luxury of shooting just the golden light of early morning and late afternoon. We were firing away in blazing midday sun and dark-thirty, and no two lighting scenarios were the same.

Thanks to the cast, crew and art directors for allowing me to fire a bunch of frames, and play with some of my toys and techniques that don’t always make the packing list when overhead bins and thatch-roof airports are involved.

(L) Haley and G.O. Heath (R) Larry Weishuhn

Lamar Smith in a lighting challenge: high noon, deep shadows, and glaring sun

(L) Tom Miranda¬† (R) Brian “Pigman” Quaca

Chris & Casey Keefer

Mike Stroff

Cameraman Matt, framing the Keefers

The first ad concept from the shoot


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