That Good Time of Year

Per the usual, I shucked all things pressing in late June and bagged a few days with family, friends, Port Aransas and redfish. We had a four-day burp of high water with Tropical Storm Arlene but things returned quickly to normal: calm waters, strong tides, sunny skies and mobs of tailing fish.

Determined to broaden my underwater stock, I dolled up the Nikon and spent a few days wallering around in the shallows like an accessorized manatee. Redfish underwater are nearly as much fun as dogs; they’re goofy, expressive and cooperative for the camera, when they feel like it. Maybe next time I’ll bring along a baggie full of Scooby Snacks dead shrimp.

To see more, please visit my redfish archive.

Jim Shulin

Orange waggers

Chasing a ball

Out East they’re called “channel bass”. But those same folks also make BBQ out of pigs.

Parlor tricks

Taking one for the team


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