Puff Daddy

From my dimly-lit perspective, there are few hunting scenes finer than a lovesick turkey strutting and gobbling within ten yards of my shotgun barrel. Down here in balmy Texas they’ll often start their spring strut in early February. And depending on range conditions, weather, and the number of serviceable hens; they may stay haired-up well into May. I can’t imagine the energy and hormones it must take to strut, drum, primp, and gobble 8-10 hours a day for four straight months. By average male comparison, that’s a long time to walk around with a stiffy.

Over the past few weeks I dropped in on a few favorite strutting grounds and collected some new images of spring gobblers in all their finery.  I also got in a quick hunt in South Texas where timely spring rains have launched gobblers into a strutting/breeding fury.

Enjoy the view, and click here if you’d like to peruse my entire turkey archive.

Like an apple on a stick

Wing plumage

Sharp dressed man

Pick up lines


Tough choice

Don’t grab here until he stops floppin’

Cut into strips, dip in buttermilk, dust with seasoned flour, fry until golden brown

4 Responses to “Puff Daddy”

  1. Smithhammer says:

    WOW. Absolutely stunning, Tosh. Our gobbler season just started this week – these pics are lighting a fire under my a$$ to get out and find them…

    • Tosh says:

      Thanks, Bruce. It’s nice to find birds strutting in greenery again. The blowing dust was getting old. Will you be flinging lead or pointy sticks, this year?

      • Smithhammer says:

        Pointy sticks, from my Robertson Fatal Styk, the bow that has caused me to forget all the others.

        But of course, come the last day of the season, if the freezer is still empty, the Benelli is coming out.

        • Tosh says:

          I’ll be anxiously following your season. And if you get one with a bow I shall grovel at your feet and anoint you Shabbaz de Gobbler Magnifique.

          So you’ll have that going for you.

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