Andros Redux

This trip was originally scheduled for early May: a marketing shoot for Frontiers and Kamalame Cay, and an anniversary trip for me and my lovely bride. Fortunately for all, we were able to re-schedule when the first round of monsoons raked the Bahamas and made conditions not so ideal for brochure photos.

In mid-June we finally made it down to Kamalame and the weather couldn’t have been better. Slick calm mornings, a light breeze by noon, and pleasant build-up showers to cut the afternoon swelter. For many years I’ve been reading about the Joulter Cays on the north end of Andros. Endless flats that stretch to the horizon, massive schools of bonefish, and few people messing with them. They did not disappoint. If you’re a fan of wide open spaces, add the Joulters to your list.

Thanks to Frontiers and Kamalame Cay for (twice) arranging the trip. Thanks to Orvis for supplying us with a bunch of great gear. And thanks especially to my wife Kathy; a great traveling companion and photo model who has kept me around for twenty-two wonderful years.

The see the rest of the shoot, please click here.

The Great House at Kamalame Cay

Kathy tight to a schoolie

Tour de Andros

A good one

The Joulter flats

Tight squeeze

Go quickly, there’s trouble about


One of Kamalame’s mascots. I didn’t get a shot of the Curlytailed Lizard

Nekid in the rain

5 Responses to “Andros Redux”

  1. bonfsh says:

    marry me

  2. Tosh says:

    Do you own any boats, private islands, jets, etc?

  3. Matt Jones says:

    Gosh darn I’m diggin those UW bonefish shots. Awesome shoot, Tosh!

  4. Mark says:

    Great shots! Especially #s 375,376 and 377. I can feel the tug, hear the spin of the reel and feel that satisfied smile settling on my fried face. Thanks.

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