Them Redfish

I love redfish. Have I mentioned that? Specifically I love redfish that wag their tails on slick-ass summer mornings when I’ve sweated through my shirt by 7:30 and the air is so heavy that it feels like I’m breathing through a damp towel.

As usual, I spent the better party of July in Port Aransas with rods and cameras and redfish. There were fish around, though not near as many as I’ve seen in past years. Coincidentally, there were scant few crabs and shrimp on the flats this summer and I suspect that’s due largely to last year’s drought and 18 months of limited freshwater inflow into our bays. Just like everything else in Texas: bay critters need rain too, and this year we’re paying for last year’s hard times.

Below you’ll find a selection of favorites from my recent redfish sessions. Thanks to Mike Siegman, Blake Brown, and Alex Thomas for hanging in there when the distance paddled between fish became laborious. And thanks again to Orvis for keeping us fitted with some great gear.

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Mike Siegman in the skinny ride

Not mullet

Shared resource

Mike stalking a knot of tailers

These oysters, are they fresh?

Taking one for a walk

Juvenile release

The other Texas flag

Slick day, long shot

Blake putting a bend in the Helios

Alex Thomas’ first redfish

Camera on the bottom. Right thumb on the trigger. Self portrait.

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  1. will myers says:

    Nice shots —

  2. Kent Guilbeau says:

    GREAT STUFF !!!!

  3. Tosh says:

    Thanks all!

  4. […] day, that could shed some light on the inconsistent nature of the Texas inshore Gulf Coast – Tosh Brown is worth a much closer look, so I will put him on the radar for a future post. […]

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