Private Photo Assignments

Recently I’ve been booking a few private assignment shoots for folks that want a unique and lasting record of a special gathering of friends, clients, or family. I’m offering that program again this fall and here’s how it typically works:

  • You schedule a cool event or trip that involves hunting, fishing, or outdoor activities
  • I travel to your locale with my camera gear
  • I then lurk in the periphery and capture the action as it occurs: the hunting, the fishing, scenery, guests, facilities, socializing, etc
  • Soon after the trip, I deliver a custom hardbound coffee-table book (30-50 pages) to each group member, along with a photo DVD of the entire event

Here are a couple of private assignments that I’ve done in the past.

Private Shoot for Park Cities Quail Conservation

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Private Shoot at Casa del Cielo

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Rates are based on the number of shooting days and travel expenses to your location. These shoots are great for corporate entertaining as the host can focus on the clients and still give them an exclusive memoir of the trip.

My calendar tends to pack tightly once the hunting seasons start, so call (512) 347-8336 or drop me anĀ email if you’d like to schedule or discuss a shoot. Note: Opulent settings and transportation are not required elements. I’ll photograph jon boats and jets with equal enthusiasm, and I’ll only pack proper dinner attire if you ask me to.

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