Bitch Jacks

Last week I traveled to Southern Belize with all good intentions of fishing for permit and shooting photos in a place I’ve never been. I was able to check both goals off the list, but soon you’ll notice a conspicuous absence of a key component of this trip report. Note that I said, “fishing for permit.”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dennis Garbutt and his three brothers Scully, Oliver and Eworth, run a great operation out of Punta Gorda. They treat their anglers like family and their guiding skills are unmatched.
  • Southern Belize offers an amazing variety of habitat: pancake flats, deep creeks, mangrove lagoons, and jungle rivers.
  • Permit aren’t always abundant on bright sunny days with great visibility.
  • Permit are sometimes incredibly abundant when it’s cloudy, raining buckets, or so calm that you can’t get near them.
  • Permit don’t give a squat how many you’ve caught in your life. That slate gets wiped clean daily.
  • When a permit eats your fly and runs right at you: keep stripping and curse/pray loudly.

So here’s a smattering of images from a place that I’m already planning to re-visit.

Yes, honey, I’m doubling down.

Primo permit grounds

Dennis Garbutt: the nicest man in Punta Gorda


Red sky at morning

The ready (for sunlight) position

These were about

Scully Garbutt: this man can fish

And our rods were clean!

Have you seen my papers?

Manfred, may I pluck you a bah-nah-nah?

This taxidermy spoke to me in the night

8 Responses to “Bitch Jacks”

  1. Shu says:

    This taxidermy? May have been those spirits…

  2. Jeff Holberg says:

    Nice trip, great pics! Yep, I’d double down too.

  3. nice work as always, Tosh!
    -Al Q

  4. Jim Pringle says:

    Hey Tosh,

    I’m a big fan. The thing I like most about your work is your style. The stories you tell through your photographs are way more than fishing tales they’re mysteries I’m left to figure out on my own. Thanks!’


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