Back In The Saddle

Well, after seventy-odd days of weather blowouts, punts from the end zone, domestic responsibilities, and myriad other calamities beyond my control, it felt REALLY good to get back on the water with a camera.

Texas coastal weather conditions have been pretty crappy this spring, but early last week I snuck through a window with light winds, strong tides, scattered clouds, and no spinning masses in the Gulf that would cover the redfish with two feet of water. For five glorious days I had perfect conditions with lots of tailing fish. Thanks to John Boatwright and Garrick Behelfer for their modeling skills and for catching fish on demand.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be back down for another stretch of fishing and shooting in early July. Stay away hurricanes; stay far, far away…

Note: In mid-June, the Texas Legislature finally passed a statewide seagrass protection law. While the specific wording still leaves a few openings for prop-scarring, we’ve at least taken a significant step in the right direction. Our coastal user population isn’t shrinking, and perhaps this law will provide a means of teaching subsequent generations that seagrass flats are the basis for everything great and good on the Texas Coast. High-fives to everyone involved in getting this law on the books.

John Boatwright looking for wagglers

Roseate Spoonbill: an odd amalgam of Dr. Seuss bird parts

Spotailedicus crabhooverous

Garrick Behelfer glad that it’s not Monday

Fending off a mean one

Come September, you’ll get a $500 fine for trenching this grass flat

Dog walker

Oh, get a room

A fish invented for photography

Calm day clarity

An autofocus failure that I kinda like


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