I don’t often bust out with random product endorsements, but here’s one.

My loving wife gave me a pair of these for Christmas and I got to try them out on a duck hunting photo shoot in Arkansas, last week.

I charged them up, slipped them in my waders and set forth in temperatures ranging from 6 to 14 degrees. Now that may not seem extreme to some of you, but my Texican feets DO NOT like cold weather.

The genius in these heaters is their maximum heat setting of 100 degrees. That eliminates the situation where your feet get too hot, begin to sweat, and then freeze. With the remote around my neck on a lanyard I was able to dial the heat up and down as needed.

My hands froze and my nose hairs crusted up with ice and my camera batteries gave out, but my feet were toasty like Pop Tarts.

The charge lasted about 5 hours which is WAY longer than any fool needs to spend in a duck blind during a Polar Vortex.

Get a pair

EDIT: A friend asked, “What happens if your waders leak?” To which I can only reply: don’t wear leaky waders when its cold enough to use these insoles.

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