Timber Mallards

Last month I had occasion to photograph scenes that I haven’t seen since I was a kid: muddy water standing beneath towering oaks, rings of ice around the trunks, and flocks of mallards working and calling and spiraling down through the canopy. I do love hunting ducks on the bay, but green timber mallards hold a special place in my heart.

My visit to Arkansas’ Cache River drainage was a private assignment shoot; a type of gig that I really enjoy and will book more of in the future. Over two days I shot hundreds of frames of the hunting, the facilities, the scenery, and the guests. The best shots were compiled and laid out in a custom hardbound coffee table book and photo DVD, which each of the guests have received.

While our hunt didn’t coincide with ideal weather conditions: a low of 6 degrees and the high pushing 11, the ducks didn’t seem to mind and all in attendance were dressed to survive the Polar Vortex.

Herein, you’ll find a selection of images from the shoot. If you’d like to book or discuss a private assignment for your property, family, or corporate outing, please shoot me an email and I’ll send you my rates and details. To see more images from other private shoots that I’ve done, please follow these links to slideshows from Mesa Vista Ranch and Casa del Cielo.

A warm place on a cold day


Means of transport

Water and timber

River shuttle

Roosting sanctuary

Talking smack

Motor drive + Photoshop

Get ’em!

Deep water fetch-up

This blind has been around for awhile

Icy Greenheads


Mallard bling

We ate really well

Yard bird longing for spring


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  1. Beautiful pictures Tosh! This last season was absolutely fantastic, and we can’t wait for next years season to start!

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