Spring, Finally

NOW, GRANTED, I HAVEN’T shoveled a driveway this winter, nor I have lost sight of lawn furniture beneath drifting snow; but it’s been dang cold down our way too and I’m glad to be back in shorts. I can’t recall a year when I still had fishbelly legs this far into April.

[cue gnashing and angst from the northern readership]

Earlier this week I took a box of new gear from Columbia Sportswear to Lake Austin where guide Mike Hastings had been stick fighting with a bunch of big bass. We didn’t catch a wall-hanger, but we played with several chunky fish on a cloudless day and got to test out some great new fishing garb.

If you’d like to see the rest of this shoot, please click here.

Mike Hastings tight to a greenie

Not sold in fly shops

Local photographer injured by rampaging bucketmouth…

The fluke, it works

Spring in The River City


Breaking the Rule of Thirds

Ben pulling in a good one

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  1. Robert Ochoa says:

    Tell me more about that little school of Cucahoe minnows

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