Year In, Year Out

SAVE FOR A COUPLE of years when the dates got jiggled by familial obligations, this was my 23rd year in the Florida Keys during the last week of May. Any why that particular week? Because that’s when my guide dates are booked and I don’t dare give them up.

Oh sure, some years we’re a little ahead or behind the big push of fish, and some years we get punished by weather (last year) but over time that all evens out and when you look at it over a span of two decades, it’s usually good fishing. No, it’s great fishing.

One question, though, that’s been nagging me for quite some time. Why is no one making a big push to get satellite tags attached to a critical mass of Florida Keys tarpon? I know the tags are expensive, but I’ve seen tagging data from tarpon tracked in the western Gulf of Mexico, so why not the Keys? I mean, dang, Florida is home to the largest tarpon fishing economy in the world. That fish is worth some major fat stacks to Floridians. Maybe I’m missing something? Is it already happening? Who’s got the tags? Who’s the gatekeeper? Where can I buy a satellite tag? How much DO they cost? Wouldn’t everyone benefit from knowing where a gazillion tarpon come from each spring, and where they go when they leave Florida?

Maybe not.

Maybe that’s something we’d all be better off not knowing.

Lots of questions, but only one known truth.

Tarpon are a lot of fun.

Thanks to Albert Ponzoa, Chris McCreedy, and Don Gable for continually pushing the bar (pole) to new heights. My 24th tarpon season can’t get here soon enough.

Wagons ho!

Blake Brown punching string

Bow to your Sensei!

Not quite done

Albert “BogaGrip” Ponzoa

Bridge battle

Mouth breather

A hundred pounds of whoop-ass

Digging in

Have a nice day, and watch for sharks

Single rainbow

So what else is there to do in Key West?

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  1. Jackie says:

    What a fantastic looking adventure. Great shots and fun to read. Thanks for sharing, Tosh!

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