Go West, Young Man


I LIVE IN TEXAS. And with the exception of a few put-n-takers in a couple of dam-fed rivers, we have no trout in Texas. And if you’re a magazine editor, or an art director, or a publisher who has perused my stock archive, you’ve probably noticed that trout and trout fishing images are relatively scarce when compared to the bulging folders of saltwater species that I’ve shot over the years.

Given that conspicuous dearth of images from authentic mountain streams, I typically jump at any opportunity to photograph them. When Frontiers called last month and asked if I was available to shoot six lodges over twelve days in Montana and Idaho, I took the job without hesitation when I saw the list of rivers I’d be visiting: the Blackfoot, the Big Hole, the Missouri, the Henry’s Fork, the Yellowstone, and the Madison.

Color me gone.

From September 16-27, I put 1,089 miles on a rent car, filled up 200 gb in memory cards, and met a bunch of great lodge owners, guests, and guides. The weather was perfect. The photo-ops were outstanding. And aside from the fact that I looked like a disheveled bum because I never actually unpacked my duffle, it was an epic assignment.

Below, you’ll find a sampling of images from the shoot. Clients: If you’d like to see my entire newly-updated trout fishing archive (now available for immediate license) please click here.

Anglers: If you’d like to visit one of these iconic western locales, call Frontiers and they’ll hook you up for the same price as a direct booking, with flights and detailed pre-trip planners, to boot. They’ve been arranging fly-fishing trips for 45 years, and they’re really good at what they do.


Handrail homage at The Blue Damsel Lodge


Releasing a cutthroat on the Blackfoot


Unplugged at The Blue Damsel


The fly shop at Big Hole Lodge


A master’s hands: Craig Fellin ties on an attractor


Bankside relics in Wise River


Hints of fall


Working the flats at Missouri River Ranch


Hopper ‘bow from the Mo


Yes, please


Closing the deal on a Missouri River brown


Fish stories told here  – Three Rivers Ranch


Wearing down a cutthroat on the South Fork of the Snake


Upper Mesa Falls on the Henry’s Fork


Warm River rainbows


Sunrise tops the Absaroka Range at Yellowstone Valley Lodge


A fall brown fattened up before the spawn


Towering cottonwoods on the Yellowstone


A spot to hang out at Madison Valley Lodge


Rob Kessler and Anne Miller on the Madison


Bringing a brown to hand at Palisades



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  1. Mike Sepelak says:

    Great stuff! Should you ever need a baggage/gear/beer carrier on future trips…

  2. MG says:

    Tosh Brown … a bug man.

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