Hey! Behind Ya!

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SINCE TEXAS IS TYPICALLY ASS-BROILING hot from Memorial Day through Thanksgiving, the concept of fall is essentially lost upon us Lone Star folk. We don’t have changing leaves or a pumpkin harvest in September, so we have to rely on things like Walmart store decorations, ESPN, and the sudden appearance of school buses to tell us when fall begins.

For me, the beginning of fall has always been the day that I pull on boots for the first time since January. I love dove season. Always have. It’s the beginning of all things great and good. It’s a frenetic time for scheduling and big decisions must be made. The doves are flying. Football has started. The redfish are still tailing…

For the past few weeks I’ve been bouncing around between Hondo, Coleman, and Austin with good numbers of birds in all places. In the photos, below, you might notice a prevalence of YETI products in play. They’ve contracted with me to carry their gear along on my photo shoots, and this month I was particularly glad to have more advanced means of ice-retention in play. Dang it’s been hot. They’re good folks, and they’ve got some great new products on the market that mesh perfectly with their iconic coolers.

Happy fall, and thanks for riding along. If you’d like to browse my entire dove hunting stock archive, please click here.


Vintage farmware in Coleman County

Current Status: Now available

Whitewings buzzing big-heads near Hondo


Waiting on the town birds


Livin large


Canine hydration module


Pat Wheat and Bentley, near Creedmoor


Blake Brown shoots the morning flight at Valera


After party


Still in the nineties at 6:30 pm


Washing up before dinner


Tired yaller


That’s a wrap

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  1. Mark Coleman says:

    I can’t rely on Walmart decorations any more. Went in yesterday and they already have the Christmas stuff up.

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