I’m Not a Scientist…But…


WHEN MIKE FITZGERALD CALLED and asked if I’d like to photograph a group of Frontiers clients heading down to Belize, I jumped at the photo-op when he explained that a sidebar of the mission would involve some tagging and genetic study led by The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. I’d never met or fished with their lead scientist, Dr. Aaron Adams, and I looked forward to meeting him and learning more about the studies he’s conducting.

That trip went off last week at Belcampo Lodge in Southern Belize, and despite some sketchy weather for most of the trip, the group did catch some bonefish which were fin-clipped and measured for BT&T’s growing albula vulpes database. In addition to tagging bonefish and tracking their migrations, Dr. Adams is leading an ongoing mission to gather fin samples from as many fish as they can collect at locations throughout the Caribbean. Their plan is to someday determine if there are distinct subpopulations of bonefish throughout their significant range.

The original plan for this trip also included some data gathering on permit but…well…you know…

Per usual, though, the fishing and weather weren’t the complete measure of the trip, and I’m pleased to report that Belcampo Lodge made sure that the things within their control were impeccably presented. The staff, service, and facilities were fantastic, and Chef Renee’s daily fixins from their onsite farm and local seafood market were out-of-the-park delicious.

Thanks to Mike, Kristine, and Frontiers for pulling it all together, and to Dr. Aaron Adams for answering my questions about fish science and providing comic relief when it was raining so hard we couldn’t see the bow of the panga.

To see the entire shoot, please click here.


The incomparable Belcampo Lodge


And thus began our one sunny day: heading down to the dock in Punta Gorda


Dr. Aaron Adams stalking skinny at Sapadillo Cays


Come hither, bonefish. We just need a snippet of your DNA


Aaron clips a fin for genetic study


Fishing Manager, Lance Peterson sketches that other %^&#@! specie


Tim and Ducky: primo mixologists of the Toledo District


Guide George and Rick Hirsch casting at wagglers


The non-fishers in our group lived large


Here’s the aftermath of their “Snorkel with the Chef” excursion


Taping a little’un


A new permit pattern I’m working on


Triggerfish on the outer edge




Could be worse…could be raining…

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    I’m headed to Belize in June……….this is making it hard to wait! Fantastic shots!

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