2016 In Review

TWENTY-SIXTEEN WAS A BIG YEAR. New clients were booked, revenue milestones were reached, shutter clicks were off the scale, and the official year-end tally of My Butt In An Airline Seat surpassed 15,000 miles.

In this video, you’ll find a smattering of my 2016 work from The Olympic Range to the Seychelles. Much appreciation to YETI and Frontiers International Travel, and to all involved in the commission, planning, capturing, and licensing of these images. 2016 was a magical year filled with epic scenes, great gear, and wonderful people.

The first shoot of 2017 is booked for January 4th. By then I should be sufficiently recovered from the holiday gustation coma in which I’m currently residing.

Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for riding along.

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